Peter Laanen, Testimonials from those we’ve worked with.

Sebastiaan Hooft – Founder, Maschile Ventures

“I have worked with Peter Laanen for the past 3 years, and he has been instrumental in helping me establish an extensive base in San Francisco. It is my pleasure to recommend Peter. His deep expertise, personal authority, and superb leadership skills combine to make him the ideal partner for executives and entrepreneurs. I recommend Peter without reservation for any board position.”

Hessel van Oorschot – Chief of Noise @ Tribe of Noise

“Peter is not only full of positive energy, you can also rely on his professional network and personal expertise. If you need somebody who can come up with solutions instead of new challenges, he is your guy!”

David Hicks – Trial & Business Lawyer

“As happens, the options this system of Linked-In are too restrictive to allow for multiple capacity contacts, which I have had with Peter, 1st when he was Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, then as a client in his capacity of CEO of Ex’Pression College of Media Arts, and as a friend. He is extraordinarily well liked by people he works with on all levels, including me. He despises dishonesty and exudes tremendous personal charm and humor. a real leader.” He was born with the happy gene, but he built of his life great competence and character.”

Jack Lyness, Principal, Lyness Communications

“Peter Laanen has been, without a doubt, my favorite client of all time. It should be no surprise that we were able to do our best work for him. His sense of humor is most obvious. He is patient when he believes in the mission, but quick to execute changes when they are called for. He is a master at handling diverse and even potentially difficult personalities. His intelligence is unquestionable. He is able to gather widely divergent data, quickly analyze a situation and make a confident and far-reaching decision. He exudes loyalty and receives loyalty from his team tenfold.”

Mark Reinhoudt, Consultative sales & Loyalty marketing

My relationship with Peter goes back to the late eighties/early nineties. Ever since meeting Peter he has been a great support and soundboard for my career. He has guided me through the pitfalls and always did this with the best for me in mind. Even when it could jeopardize his goals. An idea is great but actually it is not much.At Ex’pressions I have seen him turn an idea in a very successful enterprise where literally everybody was hanging on to him for the success. And even though Peter has left Ex’pressions now some time ago it is still his efforts that keeps the organization going: his spirit is still in the building and will probably never leave too. I can recommend everybody to work with Peter: you will not be disappointed. Actually you better prepare yourself for the very best as that is what Peter will bring up inside of you. He will help you explore talents you never thought that you had.”

Michele “Mikey” Kelly Founder of Kelly Fogelman Group 

“I have worked for and with Peter Laanen on many occasions. He hired my firm when he was CEO of Ex’pression College and recommended meand my firm to his clients when he was International Trade Director at Netherlands Business Support Office. Rarely have I met someone who was so talented in all areas of business development, creative, dedicated, super connected and result driven and yet made working with him such an enjoyable experience. I can not recommend Peter enough.”

Want to recommend Peter as well? Mail at BP@laanen-thebrand.com